While the benefits of emotional intelligence are widely publicized, that doesn’t mean that everyone is willing to work on improving theirs. Some people may not even be aware that they have poor emotional intelligence and need to take steps to increase their EQ. Instead of feeling frustrated when you have to work with someone with low emotional intelligence or feeling as if you need to teach them, take away these three lessons instead.


Some people need written instructions

While you may have gotten used to relying on your emotional intelligence as a form of communication, not everyone will be able to do that. Some people are unable to read body language, expressions or true intentions. Those who can’t use non-verbal communication are a good reminder to you that communication is hard and you have to find different methods for different people. For some of your coworkers, you’ll have to write down everything, whether that’s in an email or through an instant message. For others, it may mean you need to use an app to keep track of all the necessary tasks for a project and assign them to specific people to ensure they’re trackable.


Simplicity is the key to communication

For many people, simplicity is key. Not having a high EQ does not mean that an individual is unintelligent. Many of these people are intelligent but don’t do well with some of the tasks that tie in with emotional intelligence, such as layers of complexity. People with low emotional intelligence don’t see layers, but instead, see a job and a due date. Using direct commands is more likely to achieve the result you want. When trying to get a wide audience of people to understand your overall mission or key objectives, speak outright and be as direct as possible. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands precisely what you’re asking of them.


Repetition wins

Working with people with a lower of level emotional intelligence means you may need to get used to repeating yourself. Someone who is unable to read other people and interpret meaning visually will require a concise explanation and the information repeated later. Utilizing repetition will ensure that their level of emotional intelligence doesn’t impact their understanding of the material. Assuming the person fully understands you the first time is setting up both parties for failure.