Podcasts have become an increasingly popular form of media consumption in today’s day and age, and there are a plethora of podcasts out there that cover practically any and every topic, including emotional intelligence. If you’re trying to learn more about EQ and how it affects your life, consider checking out some of these great podcasts. 

Wellness Force Radio | Physical & Emotional Intelligence

Wellness Force Radio is a podcast about finding the connections between our emotions and healthy habits in order to live the best life we can and enjoy it all at the same time. The host, Josh Trent, is a health and fitness professional who has coached over 12,000 sessions which have allowed him to become one of the top wellness influencers on iTunes. Topics include emotional intelligence, behavioral psychology, physical intelligence and much more.

EQ Evolution

Hosted by Candace Dick, an expert in emotional intelligence with over 30 years of experience, EQ Evolution dives into what it takes to practice emotional intelligence in every aspect of your life. Whether it be parenting, leadership or just general well-being, EQ Evolution helps provide plenty of tips and perspectives that can enhance your ability to understand your own and others emotions and make conscious choices.

The Overwhelmed Brain

Paul Colaianni, the host of The Overwhelmed Brain, suffered from a bad case of depression after the end of a long term relationship, which lasted for quite some time. After going through quite a lot, he eventually began to analyze what didn’t work for him and what did in living a happier, healthier life. Next thing you know, we have The Overwhelmed Brain, a podcast that can help increase your emotional intelligence, strengthen your self-worth and empower you to make the decisions that are right for you. 

The Kingsley Grant Show: Where Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Intersect

Including interviews with top leaders and emotional intelligence influencers, The Kingsley Grant Show is a podcast about the skills found in both leadership and emotional intelligence and is meant to help leaders succeed where others have failed. Topics covered in the show are based around the works of people such as Daniel Goleman or John Maxwell, including many more. Kingsley also talks about his latest book, The Emotelligent Leader – Succeed Where Others Failed. You can even write in requesting a copy of the book and he’ll send it for free!

Spirit of EQ

Run by hosts Jeff East and Eric Pennington, Spirit of EQ dives into what emotional intelligence can do you for in your daily and work life. Jeff and Eric both believe emotional intelligence can make our lives better, and that everyone can discover their full potential through it. Jeff recently retired to focus more on EQ, and believes that each person as a “work of art” at their center. He finds the greatest pleasure in helping others find that art buried within themselves. Eric, on the other hand, is behind Epic Living, LLC, a company that helps organizations and individuals discover their well-being as well as their professional and personal growth potential.