Procrastination is something that many people struggle with every day, for a variety of reasons. Usually, starting a project is the hardest part of the task and working up to that point can be challenging. If you’re someone who tends to procrastinate your work, use these four aspects of emotional intelligence to help you overcome it.


Tie the task to a larger goal you’re passionate about

When you have a an emotional investment in a project, you’re more likely to be motivated to work on it and will complete it quicker. While not every project will have an immediate benefit to you, try to think of how it will benefit you in the longer run. For example, finishing a big project at may help you to earn a promotion, helping you to achieve greater career success.


Manage your distractions before starting

If you tend to get distracted when working on a project, clear your area of distractions before beginning your work. Turn off your cell phone and put it away so you don’t see it. Pause your email notifications and block certain websites from your browser if you know them to be an issue. Being able to recognize what triggers your distraction and taking the steps to correct it requires you to be emotionally intelligent and have the self control to make the necessary changes.


Determine what environment works best for you

Not every environment will be conducive to your success. Different people need different environments in order to complete their best work. Some people do best in a silent environment, while others need background noise or music in order to concentrate. Determine where you feel the most productive and replicate that environment when you need to complete an important project. Being self-aware of yourself and your working habits will help you in determining where you work the best.


Try to overcome perfectionism

Feeling that something needs to be perfect can prevent you from ever starting in the first place.

The fear of rejection or failure can stop you from ever wanting to try something new in the first place. Those fears can paralyze you and cause you to keep pushing back starting on a project because you know it won’t be done perfectly. But without trying, you never learn. Being emotionally intelligent means accepting that perfection is not possible.